Black Spinel D1
Chocolate Spinel D1
Cream Spinel D1
Dark grey Spinel D1
Deep blue Spinel D1
Navy Spinel D1
Off-white Spinel D1
White Spinel D1
Spinel D1

Spinel D1

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Note: The colors shown in the picture will be slightly different in real.

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Spinal is a highly splendiferous fabric which is made of pure 100% combed cotton. This flawless fabric is so elegant and stunning that it has absolutely no equal. Spinal stands out from the rest because of its speciality in fibres as well as colours. It has a gorgeous pallete with dazzling colours which are the right level of dark that are ideal for winters. Spinal has a high intricate and baroque self design. It has a smooth and soft fabric. Spinal is a massive smash in the collection.