Silver Sage Silken
Seed Pearl Silken
Titanium Silken
Dark Sapphire Silken
Dazzling Blue Silken
Blue Night Silken


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Silken is an exclusive rich fabric by Dynasty that combines ‘silk with Merino wool’ and ‘polyester’ giving exuberance and glint to men’s wear. It a light weight exquisite winter fabric which is solely luxury-oriented. The iridescent and shiny appearance of silk with wool is because of the trilateral prism-like construction of the silk fiber, which allows silk cloth to deflect brighter light from different angles.

If you want a glorious and clean teaser to steal the show then choose ‘Silken’ to be caught up in the limelight. Fiber of silk and the unification of wool makes it famous among connoisseurs across the world as it reflects finesse and prowess. Silk-wool and polyester’s incredible duo is perfect for evening wear in winters.

 Care Instructions

1) The Dynasty Silken fabric should be taken to a professional dry cleaner for the best results. Choosing to hand wash of the fabric may result in some shrinkage, loss of colour and this fabric may loose some of its softness.

2) Soil and dust can be removed using a damp cloth. Immediately treat stains to prevent them from setting into the fabric. Take the fabric with heavy stains to the dry cleaner as soon as possible.

3) Do not use bleach as it dissolves wool fabric.

4) Do not wring the fabric.

5) Never put wool fabric in the dryer.

6) Garments should be hung or shaped on padded coat hangers.

7) Remove wrinkles from fabric by ironing with a damp cloth or steam iron on warm iron / dot 2 setting.