Cream Wintron
Beige Wintron
Black Wintron
Dark Grey Wintron
Deep Blue Wintron
Forest Green Wintron
Khaki Wintron
Navy Wintron
Off-white Wintron
White Wintron
Coffee Wintron
Fawn Wintron
Indigo Wintron
Jeans Wintron


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Note: The colors shown in the picture will be slightly different in real.

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Cotton is always loved fabric and so at Dynasty we always try to bring out the best cotton amongst the collection. Wintron is one of the finest clothes we have manufactured with a magnificent cotton finish. It is made up of 100% fibrous cotton. It has a splendid hand feel and is sure to be a hit. Just as its name, Wintron is definitely manifested for winters and has warm hues.