Black Wisdom
Brown Wisdom
Carbon Wisdom
Cement Wisdom
Denim Wisdom
Graphite Wisdom
Grey Wisdom
Mid Brown Wisdom
Sage Wisdom
Stone Wisdom


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Wisdom is a high-class fabric which is a blend of both ‘polyester and viscose’; rich in aesthetics endowing high fashion a textured style. This soft and medium heft fabric is nevertheless a treat for winter chills giving men confidence and tenacity of posture. Wisdom formal suits are elegantly designed suitable for your parties and weddings. 

The flexibility of style in ‘Wisdom’ suits is a true depiction of avant-garde trend redefining liberal beliefs of confident men. The smoking hot suits embalming Viscose (which is a semi-synthetic fiber)touted as super comfy and soft whereas Polyester traces make them durable,resistant to stretching and shrinking.