Dynasty Fabrics: Summer kurta shalwar for men in 2021

Summer kurta shalwar for men in 2021

It’s a huge task to choose a decent and suitable dress for the scorching summers, as men usually have to stay out of the home. On the other hand, it is generally perceived that men have very limited choices of colours and designs to wear. As girls like to stay up to date in terms of fashion and style, men also want to look modern and sophisticated. Hence, we are here to share some latest summer kurta shalwar designs and fashion for the year 2021, along with an insight into the best quality fabric for you to choose from.

Keeping it cultural

Some men have the taste of wearing cultural and only eastern wear when it comes to both casual and formal wear. The summer collection 2021 at Dynasty Fabrics store has got all the latest styles for men to slay this summer. Our collection features the top quality fabric for both stitched and unstitched kurta shalwar, and waistcoat. All those men who want to adopt the true eastern style without compromising the standard of quality can trust us amongst all other men's unstitched fabric brands in Pakistan.

From the purest of Egyptian cotton, embroidered, silk, luxurious cotton, and blended men’s unstitched fabric, to designer, wear kurtas, embroidered shirts, and sleek waistcoats; be prepared to fill up your wardrobe with the finest outfits this summer. Let’s get into the details of the latest collection of men’s unstitched fabric along with pret wear available at Dynasty stores.

Egyptian Cotton

One of our highly appreciated products, “Spark” is Dynasty’s claim to fame in the men’s unstitched section. Made from pure 100% Egyptian cotton, Spark speaks for its luxurious look with a soft touch that of a feather with a lustrous sheen that you can’t resist. It is an ideal material for making shirts and shalwar kameez, Spark is a collection that provides comfort yet elegance, durability yet class proving it to be superior to the rest of the men clothing brands in Pakistan.

If you want to bring out some class along with sophistication with your dressing, then choose none other than this material for your kurta and shalwar suit.

Unique Royal Silk

The designing and textile team at Dynasty has reached the height of innovation and creativity with its latest Royal Silk summer collection. This collection features a unique combination of weaving silk and cotton together; a blended material with immense lustre and softness. Men can wear it as a shalwar kameez suit or a kurta for formal wear.

This material is ideal for events like wedding, and celebratory events like Eid etc. The unique crispness paired with a luxurious feel will make you feel royal without a doubt.


Men look charming and irresistible when they dress up gracefully in eastern attire. Waistcoats are like a cherry on the top in the dressing department for men. It enhances the overall look of one’s outfit. Waistcoats are generally worn for formal events over kurta shalwars. Dynasty Fabrics has a variety of waistcoats made of pure cotton and wash n wear fabric.  You can customize your waistcoat by selecting the base material, colour, stitching style and buttons to go with it. We like to keep it classy and elegant, thus we choose colours that go with any outfit you wear, such as black, maroon, beige, and pastel shades etc. These are also available via online dresses shopping; so we have got you covered for all your formal and semi-formal gatherings. 

Wash and wear clothing

Wash and wear clothing has recently picked up on the trend in pret wear and unstitched collection both. You can find the best quality at our stores and online, as national players and celebrities like Shahid Afridi can vouch for its quality and durability by endorsing it.  This is the reason why wash n wear fabric Pakistan is the most reliable material. It requires less effort to keep the creases out even after washing and air drying. Hence the name explains it all, wash and wear it later on for a quick fix. Dynasty fabric has an extensive range of unstitched clothes and stitched shirts in this material in an affordable price range.

Kurta for Any Day

Our finest Egyptian cotton suits including ready to wear kurtas are a hot seller every time. Kurtas are a staple in every man’s wardrobe in Pakistan. We have plenty of designs to cater to all your needs as per your requirement. Embroidered kurta with sherwani collar, everyday black coloured kurta, and a few kurtas with tape embroidered cuffs and shoulders for a cutting-edge style.


Kurtas are easy to wear and casual wear for men when they want to keep them simple and comfortable. The most common material used for kurtas is usually cotton or wash and wear fabric.