Superior quality summer collection at Dynasty Fabrics

Wearing a shalwar kameez suit made out of top-notch quality fabric is the symbol of ultimate class. When Pakistan’s national cricket players such as Shahid Afridi endorse Dynasty Fabrics’s summer collection 2021, it signifies quality, elegance, sophistication, dedication and the amount of hard work our entire team puts in to present customers with the final product. So if you're into wearing kurtas and shalwar kameez made of only pure and premium quality fabrics, then visit our stores and view our men’s summer wear 2021 collection right now. To find out more about the best lawns and summer suits for men, read below a brief description of each yarn produced by Dynasty Fabrics.

Luxurious cotton collection

Pakistani’s are quite well aware of the fact that pure cotton is the best base fabric for any clothing. To keep traditions intact and quality that is not to be compromised, our cotton collection comprises Egyptian cotton and Pima Cotton.

Egyptian Cotton suits

Our summer collection for men showcases both unstitched fabrics and stitched shalwar kameez suits. Talking about the Egyptian cotton series, it is highly demanded amongst our customers. Hence we keep improvising the quality of the fabric every year to make it better in every coming season with the help of latest innovations in technology and weaving machines. Egyptian cotton is considered to be the best cotton in the world. The reason being that it is hand-picked, which marks the highest level of purity, as compared to mechanical picking. As a result, this leaves the fibres straight and intact as there is no external stress on the fibres while picking them up from the fields directly.

Customers can find a vast range of colors and self-printed designs in this fabric. The unstitched summer clothes for men come in just the right summery hues to keep your overall look crisp and fresh.

Pima cotton suits

A piece of fabric can only be of superior quality if the fibres are fine and long. Now Pima cotton is a world-class fabric due to both these factors present in the material. At the same time, Pima cotton suits are highly-priced due to numerous factors. Such as the long length of fibres, uniform texture, strength, durability, lustrous shine and silk-like texture make Pima cotton an extraordinary fabric. Thus it is woven with the highest thread count, unlike other cotton variants.

The ‘Snowberry” article at our store from the unstitched cotton is made of 100% pure Supima cotton. Moreover, the material is also treated with liquid ammonia to give it tensile strength and silky shine and texture. Therefore, the best men’s summer clothes are those that are made out of pure cotton such as Pima and Egyptian cotton.

Wrinkle-free with Liquid Ammonia

Dynasty Fabrics is proud to feature the ultimate wrinkle-free collection for summer dressing for men.  Articles such as Kattan, Supremacy, Snowberry, Sigma, Amber and many other are some great options if you are looking for ultra-comfortable summer clothes for men

Here’s a little peek into the details of why some of our fabrics are treated with Liquid Ammonia as described below.

The finishing process of liquid ammonia strengthens the fibres of the cotton threads and also gives them a shiny and smooth appearance. Therefore the fabric turns out to be fine in quality along with improved wrinkle resistance. Some other plus points with this treated fabric are that it adds great comfort and overall softness to the clothes, and is also sustainable, durable, along with enhanced colors.

So try out one kurta or stitched shirt from the collection of men’s summer outfits 2021 from this range to look dapper and on point!

The ultimate designer collection

We strive to produce the best quality with every coming year to supersede our production. The designer collection at Dynasty Fabrics includes two categories; Dynasty Air and Dynasty Dream. The designer summer collection for men highlights the intricate dobby and jacquard designs that are based on 100% Egyptian cotton. This combination of grace and elegance along with simplicity is what we aim to give to our beloved customers with this collection.

Articles such as Jacquard, Saturn, Kurta, and sub-categories of, Air-D and Cotton Dream collection are highly sought after due to the vivid colours and extreme level of quality.

Embroidered collection for the summer season

Add some spark of glam and grace as a symbol of the trendiest men’s summer fashion to your wardrobe with our embroidered collection this year. You can find the embroidered version at our stores in unstitched and stitched categories. With subtle patterns and intricate embroidery work on lawn and cotton base, you will look handsome as ever. An array of vivid colors with lustrous shine, along with sophisticated designs are showcased this year in our classic embroidered category of unstitched and stitched kurtas that are just perfect to be worn at any formal event. The summer collection menswear of embroidered lawn has got you covered for all your dholkis, wedding dances and bbq dinner nights.