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Weaving & the art of Creation

Finishing & nurturing the Soul

The year was 1965. Shabbir industries was a small endeavour, set up In Karachi by Haji Abdul Karim. A man with a vision, he quickly managed to make a name for himself in the textile industry due to his innovation, creativity and passion for creating new fabrics. Receiving praise and recognition from different corners of the world, Haji Karim along with his son, Abdul Jabbar, worked laboriously to satisfy the growing local and international market

From a young age, Abdul Jabbar was exposed to and interested in textiles. By the time he entered adulthood, fabric and weaving had become an essence of his identity. Watching his father over the years motivated him further to excel in the field and leave the kind of mark that would change the industry forever. In order to broaden his horizons, his travels led him to Switzerland, where he gained training and experience in Sulzer Ruti machinery- a technology that was infinitely years ahead of its time and unknown to Pakistan. Abdul Jabbar realised that this technology would change the face of Pakistan's textile industry and give his country the competitive edge it needed to create a global business.

Once back in Pakistan, he set up the first Sulzer Ruti mill and started constructing fabric for shalwar kameez and fine shirting. He dabbled with different yarns and fibres, Innovating and experimenting with different weaving styles and methods creating fabrics boasting luxury and quality. Some of his earliest creations are still sought after even today.

He has managed to in-still in his sons and his team the same spirit and value of hard work. Pushing them every day to think outside the box all the while maintaining their loyalty to Pakistan and its people. The family legacy lives on today at its third generation taking on the responsibility of an everlasting legacy.

Bringing in new ideas and employing the latest technology, the new blood has created a brand featuring the most premium of fabrics. Dynasty now offers a wide variety of fabric qualities, flexible to withstand any weather or occasion. Working endlessly and investing in the latest machinery, Dynasty aims to bring its fabrics to people all over the world.

Found from the latin word Dunasteia, which means Lordship and Power, the name Dynasty resonates perfectly with our glorious past and promising future,

Dynasty has not only explored but mastered various facets of cloth-making for over four decades. From distinct textures and contrasting colors to new techniques and latest processes; our unparalleled expertise and ingenious skill differentiate us from the rest.

We today combine the high standards set by our pioneers, with contemporary taste of our new generation inherently conveying a message of quality and integrity to our patrons.

We study the latest raw materials from all over the world to produce the most cutting edge fabrics. We create new and trendy colors and shades that appeal to all aesthetics. We have our style and design department, sales force and technical gurus working together with a keen eye not only for seasonal collections, but for all exclusive and experimental collections for the ever-changing market and trends.

From 40/l to 200/2., the choice among the best yarns is critical and crucial prompting us to procure only the best and pure yarns in the world, both in quality and innovation .We use the best Egyptian cotton, including the Giza 86, Giza 87, Giza 88 and the Giza 92.

Dynasty surpasses the ordinary by acquainting supreme fibres such as tencel, model, bamboo, linen and the finest in polyester viscose and wool blends taking us to all the corners of the world in search of the best raw materials, far, wide and scarce.

Excavations of only the finest raw materials produces exclusive yarns that dally on color appeal, texture, luster, and airiness that the touch cant deny.

Weaving is an artistic process of constructing fabric and cultivating textures and we at Dynasty hold this very form of art proudly and close to our hearts. We use state of the art Tsudakoma Air jet and SulzerRuti Rapier looms in order to allow the uttermost level of complexity and variety.

Dynasty as its name rightly analogises, is a marriage between valuing the experience of our traditional heritage and taking a bold step in the future with advanced technological machines, qualified technicians and innovative processes.We have conscientious procedures aimed to complete and specialise in controlling rigorous meterage of each and every single meter of grey fabric before it sees through its finishing.

If weaving is the heart of fabric then finishing must be its soul. The finishing process includes bleaching and mercerising, which can be considered as nurturing and commanding the fabric’s personality with sheen and shine. Many other procedures like raising, brushing or decatizing, vary for various fabric and its textural personalities to improve its appearance, touch and subtle characteristics. We have our very own techniques of delicately finishing our fabrics with a soft and easy care process without harsh and quality depreciating iron treatments.

We continue to venture into innovating avant-guard finishing processes within our department assuring the very best quality and results that we can provide to our prestigious clients.