Anthracite Moonstone
Black Moonstone
Chocolate Moonstone
Cream Moonstone
Dark grey Moonstone
Deep blue Moonstone
Light olive Moonstone
Navy Moonstone
Off White Moonstone
Olive Moonstone
Sage Moonstone
Biege Moonstone
Dark Chocolate Moonstone
Grey Moonstone
Jeans Moonstone
Sand Moonstone
Pista Moonstone
White Moonstone
Fawn Moonstone
Lint Moonstone
Oil Moonstone


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Note: The colors shown in the picture will be slightly different in real.

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As the name suggests, Moonstone is an ostentatious fabric that leaves an striking impression in the gloomy summer season. Startling high performance dyes are used in the making of this amazing piece of art, Moonstone is fabricated on high speed machines which makes it to stand out in the crowd. It is available in natural light, medium and dark hues.