Maroon Canopus
Coffee Canopus
Cream Canopus
Deep Blue Canopus
Mid Brown Canopus
Navy Canopus
Olive Canopus
White Canopus
Black Canopus
Khaki Canopus
Dark grey Canopus
Sea Green Canopus
Chocolate Canopus
Grey Canopus
Beige Canopus
Dark Green Canopus
Fawn Canopus
Jeans Canopus
Light Grey Canopus
Light Green Canopus
Dark Chocolate Canopus
Graphite Canopus
Indigo Canopus
Lint Canopus
Sage Canopus
Silky Canopus
Slate Grey Canopus


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Note: The colors shown in the picture will be slightly different in real.

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With the amalgamation of unique fibres, we get Canopus that comprises of cotton blend . At Dynasty, we used high performance technology for weaving Canopus so as to make it flawless. This graceful fabric is a hit and is an extremely fine fabric for summer. It has a soft and smooth feel which makes it the epitome of magnificence. Canopus is unique because of its texture which gives off a two-toned effect. It has a wide range colour palette that is created using high performance dyes.