Dark Denim Uranas
Graphite Uranas
Light denim Uranas
Light Royal Uranas
Coffee Uranas
Sky Blue Uranas
Bordo Uranas
Dusk Uranas
Light Blue Uranas
Maroon Uranas
Mint Uranas
Sage Uranas
Chamberry Uranas
Charcoal Uranas
Biege Uranas
Brown Uranas
Dark Grey Uranas
Denim Uranas
Grey Uranas
Jeans Uranas
Light blue Uranas
Light brown Uranas
Light green Uranas
Slate grey Uranas


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Note: The colors shown in the picture will be slightly different in real.

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As the name pays homage to the celestial beings of the sky, we wished to encapsulate a similar sentiment with our newest quality Uranas. With an air like feel and touch, Uranas is a yarn dyed fabric with a special liquid ammonia finish accentuating the silky touch and magnificent luster. The ultimate luxury fabric, Uranas holds true to its name.