Charcoal Indigo Classic D-57 (L.A.F)
Graphite Indigo Classic D-57 (L.A.F)
Light Green Indigo Classic D-57 (L.A.F)
Lilac Indigo Classic D-57 (L.A.F)
Mid Brown Indigo Classic D-57 (L.A.F)
Indigo Classic D-57 (L.A.F)

Indigo Classic D-57 (L.A.F)

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Note: The colors shown in the picture will be slightly different in real.

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Vibrant, vivid and downright sensational, Dynasty Indigo Classic Collection is a striking rainbow of colorful fabrics tailored for every occasion. From cool and poised hues to bold and bright tones, this collection offers the most wide-ranging variety of colors set in intriguing and elaborate designs.

At Dynasty, we supersede our innovation with the Designer Collection, which includes Dynasty Air and Dynasty Dream. With intricate dobby and jacquard designs on 100% Egyptian cotton, this collection is made to shock and awe. Our style is a combination of elegance and simplicity with a polished yet textured hand. Reach the pinnacle of style and grace by indulging in this fancy collection.

Dynasty takes great privilege in introducing, for the very first time in Pakistan, Liquid Ammonia Mercerized Cotton fabrics. With great efforts and extensive research, Dynasty can now proudly boast that our country is at par with the rest of the world in terms of technology in fabric finishing. We are grateful to our team, expert technicians and partners for giving Dynasty the opportunity to not only become pioneers in our country but to give our brand a global standing.

Liquid Ammonia Finish is a treatment given to cotton threads which strengthens and gives them a lustrous appearance. In this process ammonia gas is taken to very high minus temperature and converted into liquid ammonia. The fabric is then processed under this liquid ammonia. This makes the fabric very fine & lustrous with improved wrinkle resistance. 


  • A better alternative for mercerizing cellulose fabrics
  • Fabric Durability
  • Comfort through added softness
  • Sustainability
  • Better appearance with vintage washes, reduced fluffiness, smooth and clear visuality
  • Vivid colors
  • Enhanced elasticity on stretch fabrics
  • Improved wrinkle resistance