Offwhite Karandi L.A.F
Rock Karandi L.A.F
Khaki Karandi L.A.F
Magnet Karandi L.A.F
Natural Karandi L.A.F
Biscut Karandi L.A.F
Cement Karandi L.A.F
Cobble Stone Karandi L.A.F
Dusty Yellow Karandi L.A.F
Fawn Karandi L.A.F
Light Olive Karandi L.A.F

Karandi L.A.F

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Note: The colors shown in the picture will be slightly different in real.

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At Dynasty, our obsession with blends leads us to create unique fabrics.  Dynasty Karandi is a blend of cotton and silk, woven with the utmost precision.  The subtle texture is the highlight of Dynasty Karandi. This fabric is perfect for both summers and winters, and leaves you with no worries about shrinkage or slippage. Dynasty Karandi’s hues include natural ones as well as light, medium, and dark ones.

Liquid Ammonia Finish is a treatment given to cotton threads which strengthens and gives them a lustrous appearance. In this process ammonia gas is taken to very high minus temperature and converted into liquid ammonia. The fabric is then processed under this liquid ammonia. This makes the fabric very fine & lustrous with improved wrinkle resistance. 


  • A better alternative for mercerizing cellulose fabrics
  • Fabric Durability
  • Comfort through added softness
  • Sustainability
  • Better appearance with vintage washes, reduced fluffiness, smooth and clear visuality
  • Vivid colors
  • Enhanced elasticity on stretch fabrics
  • Improved wrinkle resistance