Dark Grey Wool & Cashmere
Dark Grey Wool & Cashmere

Wool & Cashmere

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Cashmere is a fibre obtained from cashmere goats. This Luxurious fibre is lofty, soft and doesn't pile. The fibres are excessively finer than those of a sheep. The unique quality about the Cashmere fiber is that the Cashmere goat can produce only four ounces of it each year, making this fiber extremely rate.
Cashmere, when mixed with wool for our Luxurious Jacketing Collection, produced a fabric with excellent draping qualities and soft texture. This exceptional fusion of cashmere and wool is very fine, and perfect to wear in winters because of its warmth and comfort. The silky feel of this fabric is truly an incomparable experience. When Cared for correctly, this fabric will last you for a lifetime.